Stefani started her career in finance in 2005 as an international market BDM for a foreign exchange trading company. This sparked her interest in everything finance from budgeting, investment, trading, property investment and retirement (and put her dream to be a CNN Journalist on the backburner). After 8 years of hard work and running the south-east Asian market, she decided to take two years off to travel the world.
When she’s back in Sydney, she worked for a private lender and ran their entire lending operation for a few years. It was a tough gig, and taught her the importance of tenacity and constant improvement.
Now that she’s joined the good guys with Strategic Brokers, she’s committed to service clients who are looking to improve their financial picture through property purchase and investment. For her, number only shows one dimension of your quality of life. She prefers to look at the bigger picture of the client’s life before offering any advice.

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Finance Strategist

Being a proud nerd, she has Bachelor of Communication from Monash University, Master of Practicing Account from Monash University and Certificate IV and Diploma in Mortgage Broking. She’s also undertaking Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Sydney University. She is a savvy investor too, having several investment properties in Australia and overseas. 

She lives with her partner and their beautiful 1-year old girl. She enjoys hiking, meditation and envisions one day to run her own Aussie farm.


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